Links to other recommended websites

The following links are not associated with JHS Publishing, nor does JHS Publishing necessarily endorse all views or associations of these organizations, but I feel that, at a minimum, they are good, Fundamental, solid Bible-preaching ministries that every Bible-believing Christian can pray for and support. The order of these ministries below is not important.

Back To Jerusalem

"Back to Jerusalem" is a website operated by Christians either in or living outside of China, which spotlights the missionary work and activities of the non-"government-approved" churches in China. I have found it to be both a great blessing to my own heart and an encouragement to pray for them and do what I can on their behalf. I hope you will join me in doing this. It is true that many Chinese churches on the mainland could not be called "Fundamental" in the terms that American Christians would understand; however, we have to remember that the communist Chinese government has oppressed them for decades, and forbidden them from establishing Bible Colleges or Seminaries that are free from government control. This means that some of the Christians in these Chinese churches are very weak in their doctrines, and are susceptible to heresies that the devil tries to sow in their midst. In spite of these shortcomings, though, these Chinese Christians have shown wonderful Christian character in enduring persecutions and suffering for the cause of Jesus Christ, something that most American Christians know very little about. The doctrine that they do know is usually very strong, and their faith is very strong. They need our prayer and support in any way that we can to train their preachers in the Fundamentals of the Faith, so that they can then go back to their people and teach them, and pass it on. I hope that the Kingdom Bible website will aid them in understanding the Bible better. In the future, I plan on providing the Kingdom Bible in as many languages as I can, including Chinese; but that is at least several years away.

Chick Publications

Chick Publications is my favorite source for soul-winning Gospel tracts and books. I started reading Brother Jack Chick's material in the early '80s (probably even before I accepted Christ as my Savior), and I found his material to be extremely helpful in feeding my soul with Biblical truths that helped me to understand what being a Christian was all about. Also, his comic books and tracts are extremely hard-hitting, but loving in presenting the truth of God with regards to false cults such as Islam, Mormonism, Catholicism, witchcraft, Satanism, and more. You just can't find this kind of material anywhere else. God has really blessed his ability with drawing cartoons, so that the tracts just pull you into the story and keep you interested until the very end. I've used Chick's tracts and books for over 27 years, and I can testify that God has used them in a powerful way to win many souls through simply handing them out and asking, "Can I leave you with something?" Almost everyone thanks me for receiving them, and most people will read them and never be the same again. Even if they don't receive Christ right away or ever, they won't forget the simple truths of the Bible presented in them, and God can then use it as a seed which can bring forth much fruit later on. I encourage you to purchase Chick tracts and use them as much as you can. The other kinds of printed tracts just can't compare.

Over time, I hope to add more Christian websites to this list.

Please join me in praying for these very worthy ministries!