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8-6-2017: I am working my way through the Gospel of John in the detailed English studies, currently in Chapter 1.4. I expect to complete it in a couple of months; and then move on to the Gospel of Mark. In the Spanish detailed studies, I am nearly finished with Matthew.

In background stuff, I've been upgrading the html pages from Word webpage exports to plain html, which is far better and more efficient. It also eases the transition in the future to exporting the text to Amazon for release as an ebook. MS Word generates a horrible amount of html junk along with the actual text, so it is a poor substitute for the real thing.

I still need to complete a redo of the Psalms, but I'm so busy with other things, that I just haven't had time to get there; but I will for sure. I have to. Working full time plus this work takes way more hours per week than you can imagine. Thanks for your prayers for me and this work of the Lord.

5-6-2017: Praise the Lord, I am making great progress through both the Spanish version of the detailed study of Matthew; and I have completed the Gospel of Luke, and have already done several studies in the Gospel of John.

I have decided that I will no longer rely on the Spanish text from the Reino-Valera Gomez Spanish version of the Bible. I have been so busy with other things, that I thought that I didn't have time to do a complete re-evaluation of the Spanish translation, to make sure that it was the best that it could be. But the Lord burdened my heart to spend extra time on this task; so from now on, every detailed study that is published in Spanish will only use the Spanish text that I have thoroughly vetted. I am updating the Spanish text of the Spanish Kingdom Bible Version as I proceed, but the great majority of the translation in Spanish has not been vetted and checked for accuracy. So this is going to be a marathon, not a sprint. God willing, I hope to do a complete vetting of the entire Spanish Kingdom Bible Version at some point in the future. I have no idea when that will be. Thank you for your prayers for this ministry.

03-25-2017: I published a new revision to the detailed study of Book 3.5, the Post-exile Temples. I updated the studies with the newest techniques for explaining the Golden Ratio design that I started using after this study was originally published and revised last year. So I think it is an important update.

Also about every two weeks, I add new and/or revised material to current or existing studies; so even if you don't see a different date on the home page, or a note here, you can be sure that things are moving forward in the will of God for this ministry. Praise the Lord!

03-02-2017: I just published the latest additions to the detailed study of the Gospel of Luke. These detailed studies are tremendously helpful for me, because I always learn a lot more than I knew before; and Luke is no exception.

I was able to upgrade the high-level themes of the Parts and Chapters of Luke with more appropriate wording. It isn't that the previous themes were "wrong"; it is that the wording wasn't as accurate as it needed to be. Something can be perfectly true as far as it goes, but not accurate. This is why I am not releasing any new versions of the Bible anytime soon, because there is so much work that remains to be done. I've made a tremendous amount of progress over the last couple of years; but I need several more years before I start to get close to something that is worthy of publishing in paperback or Ebook.

Thanks in advance for your prayers on behalf of this ministry.

01-14-2017: I have removed the KJV 2014 text from this site, because it was a lot of effort to keep it updated along with the main English KBV text and the Spanish text. I need to move faster, so this will help some. I do plan on publishing it someday when the arranging process is complete for all 3 versions; but it will not be available on this site until then.

I have been making great progress, but it might not be noticeable to you. Much of it is in the background. I am working simultaneously (sort of) on Volume 1.1, converting the .htm files on this site which were originally produced using MS Word into regular .html files (which are much smaller and better), converting the detailed study in Matthew into Spanish and publishing those as I go, and doing new studies in Luke in English.

This process started about 16 years ago, so I am now in the 17th year of this project with probably several more years to go before it is truly ready for prime time. Thanks for your interest and prayers for this ministry.

02-05-2017: Updated the detailed study of Luke in English, the Spanish detailed study of Matthew (and its English counterpart by correcting errors).


For those who do not know, everything on this site is free and without any copyrights until further notice.

Max Day President, JHS Publishing Ministries