Book 5.4: Discipline and Wisdom in the Kingdom of God (Job & Proverbs)

C    Part 1 (Job): The discipline of Jehovah in the believer’s life

U    Chapter 1.1: Job was confused over his sudden calamity

C    Chapter 1.2: Job was trusting in the sovereignty and wisdom of Jehovah

C    Chapter 1.3: Job was triumphant over the criticism of his friends

O    Chapter 1.4: Elihu was contemptuous of Job

O    Chapter 1.5: Jehovah was protective of Job

C    Part 2 (Proverbs): The wisdom of Jehovah for the believer’s life

U    Chapter 2.1 (The Proverbs of Solomon): The fear of Jehovah is the beginning of knowledge for the young man

C    Chapter 2.2 (The Proverbs of Solomon): The idealistic wisdom of Solomon’s youth

C    Chapter 2.3 (The Proverbs of Solomon): The caustic wisdom of Solomon’s old age

O    Chapter 2.4: (The Proverbs of Agur): Good and Evil Things

O    Chapter 2.5: (The Proverbs of Lemuel): The Righteous King and the Virtuous Woman