Book 5.1: The Way of Spiritual Completeness and Eternal Life (Hebrews & Romans)

C    Part 1 (Hebrews): The Way of Spiritual Completeness for believing Jews under the Old Covenant

O    Chapter 1.1: Jesus the Son of God became man to taste death for every man

O    Chapter 1.2: Jesus the Son of God returned into Heaven to be our Great High Priest before God the Father

C    Chapter 1.3: The New Covenant Finished Work of Christ has permanently replaced the Old Covenant system of animal sacrifice

C    Chapter 1.4: The faith of the Old Covenant saints was completed in Christ under the New Covenant

U    Chapter 1.5: Be completed in your faith through Christ lest you be chastised

C    Part 2 (Romans): The Way of Eternal Life for all Jews and Gentiles under the New Covenant

O    Chapter 2.1: Both Jews and Gentiles have rejected the one true God and will be judged by the Law of Moses

O    Chapter 2.2: Both Jews and Gentiles can only be justified by God through faith alone in the Finished Work of Christ

C    Chapter 2.3: The indwelling Holy Spirit will deliver Believers from the power of sin if they walk in obedience to Him

C    Chapter 2.4: The Election of God the Father will save a remnant of Israel in spite of their unbelief

U    Chapter 2.5: The Gospel of Christ calls us to serve God in every part of our lives