Book 4.4: Jesus Christ preached the Gospel to crowds of Jews (Mark)

C    Part 1: Jesus reached out to the area around Galilee with the Gospel

O    Chapter 1.1: The ministry of Jesus was initially very popular

O    Chapter 1.2: Satan began stirring up opposition to the ministry of Jesus

C    Chapter 1.3: Jesus ministered to Israel with the Word of God around Galilee

C    Chapter 1.4: Jesus ministered to Israel with food and healing around Galilee

U    Chapter 1.5: Jesus began preparing his disciples for their future service as his servants

C    Part 2: Jesus went to Jerusalem to die for the sins of mankind and rise again

O    Chapter 2.1: Jesus warned his disciples that it would be difficult to follow Him

O    Chapter 2.2: Jesus pronounced a curse on the fig tree of Israel

C    Chapter 2.3: Jesus prophesied of his Second Coming

C    Chapter 2.4: Jesus prophesied of the betrayal and denials by his disciples

U    Chapter 2.5: Jesus was crucified by Pilate, buried, and rose again from the dead on the third day