Book 3.1: The Beginnings of the Old Covenant Kingdom of Zion (Joshua & Judges)

C    Part 1 (Joshua): Israel successfully conquered the promised land

O    Chapter 1.1: Joshua successfully led Israel to cross the Jordan river and conquer the city of Jericho

O    Chapter 1.2: Joshua led Israel to conquer the rest of Canaan

C    Chapter 1.3: The senior tribes of Israel received their inheritance

C    Chapter 1.4: The junior tribes of Israel received their inheritance

U    Chapter 1.5: Joshua sent the twelve tribes of Israel to occupy and subdue the promised land

C    Part 2 (Judges): Israel failed to obey the Law of Moses

O    Chapter 2.1: Israel’s victory over the Canaanites was spoiled by their failure to drive them out

O    Chapter 2.2: Gideon’s victory over the Midianites was spoiled by his failure to refrain from idolatry

C    Chapter 2.3: Jephthah delivered Israel from the Ammonites, but got into trouble for a foolish vow

C    Chapter 2.4: Samson delivered Israel from the Philistines, but got into trouble for committing fornication

U    Chapter 2.5: The tribes of Dan and Benjamin allowed sin in their midst to nearly destroy them