Book 2.3: The Old and New Covenant Kingdoms of Zion (Isaiah)

C    Part 1: The End of the Old Covenant Kingdom of Zion

U    Chapter 1.1: The Kingdom of Zion has rebelled against Jehovah

C    Chapter 1.2: Jehovah will judge the southern Kingdom of Zion (Judah)

C    Chapter 1.3: Jehovah will judge the northern Kingdom of Zion (Israel)

O    Chapter 1.4: The Burdens

O    Chapter 1.5: The Woes

C    Part 2: The Coming of the New Covenant Kingdom of Zion

U    Chapter 2.1: Jehovah is the Almighty God

C    Chapter 2.2: Jehovah has called his Servant to be a Light of the Gentiles

C    Chapter 2.3: Jehovah has redeemed Israel from captivity in Babylon

O    Chapter 2.4: The Servant of Jehovah will bear the sins of the world

O    Chapter 2.5: Jehovah will rule the world from Jerusalem