C    Volume 3: The Past and Future History of the Kingdom of Zion

O    Book 3.1: The Beginnings of the Old Covenant Kingdom of Zion

C    Part 1: From Abraham through Egypt and the wilderness to the Promised Land

U    Chapter 1.1: Jehovah protected and blessed his people from Abraham to the Promised Land (Psalm 105)

C    Chapter 1.2: Give thanks for the mercy of Jehovah in bringing his people out of Egypt (Psalm 136)

C    Chapter 1.3: Sing aloud to Jehovah for bringing his people out of Egypt (Psalm 81)

O    Chapter 1.4: The God of Jacob subdued nature for the sake of his people Israel (Psalm 114)

O    Chapter 1.5: The God of Jacob shall subdue the Gentiles under his people Israel (Psalm 47)

C    Part 2: From the wilderness to the Kingdom of David

U    Chapter 2.1: Jehovah led Israel out of the wilderness and gave them David as their King (Psalm 78)

C    Chapter 2.2: Jehovah brought Israel into a wealthy place (Psalm 66)

C    Chapter 2.3: Israel was oppressed by the surrounding nations (Psalm 83)

O    Chapter 2.4: Jehovah is in the midst of the City of God (Psalm 46)

O    Chapter 2.5: Jehovah dwells in the Hill of God (Psalm 68)

O    Book 3.2: The Golden Age of the Old Covenant Kingdom of Zion

C    Part 1: The Glories of the Old Covenant city of Zion

O    Chapter 1.1: Jehovah commanded the blessing upon the mountains of Zion (Psalm 133)

O    Chapter 1.2: Mount Zion cannot be moved, but remains forever (Psalm 125)

C    Chapter 1.3: The House of Jehovah is in Mount Zion (Psalm 122)

C    Chapter 1.4: The Highest himself shall establish Mount Zion (Psalm 87)

U    Chapter 1.5: The joy of the whole earth is Mount Zion (Psalm 48)

C    Part 2: The Glories of the Old Covenant Kingdom of David

O    Chapter 2.1: Jehovah promised to conditionally bless David and his sons (Psalm 132)

O    Chapter 2.2: Jehovah will prolong the Messiah’s life, and his years as many generations (Psalm 61)

C    Chapter 2.3: Jehovah taught David’s hands to make war (Psalm 18)

C    Chapter 2.4: Jehovah taught David’s hands to make war (Psalm 144)

U    Chapter 2.5: Jehovah anointed David with his holy oil (Psalm 89)

C    Book 3.3: Jehovah rejected the Old Covenant Kingdom of Zion

C    Part 1: Jehovah caused the Kingdom to be destroyed and the people to be exiled to Babylon

U    Chapter 1.1: Jehovah was angry with the people of the Kingdom of Zion (Psalm 79)

C    Chapter 1.2: Jehovah had cast off the people of the Kingdom of Zion (Psalm 74)

C    Chapter 1.3: Jehovah had abandoned the people of the Kingdom of Zion (Psalm 44)

O    Chapter 1.4: The people of Zion in exile prayed for vengeance against Edom (Psalm 137)

O    Chapter 1.5: The people of Zion were oppressed by their enemies in exile (Psalm 129)

C    Part 2: The people of Zion returned from exile in Persia without a king

U    Chapter 2.1: The people of Zion prayed for deliverance from exile (Psalm 80)

C    Chapter 2.2: The people of Zion prayed for revival after returning from exile (Psalm 85)

C    Chapter 2.3: The people of Zion praised Jehovah for delivering them from exile (Psalm 107)

O    Chapter 2.4: Jehovah returned his people to the Promised Land from exile in Persia (Psalm 126)

O    Chapter 2.5: Israel called upon Jehovah to gather them from among the heathen (Psalm 106)

C    Book 3.4: The Old Covenant Kingdom of Zion rejected their King

C    Part 1: The Jews persecuted and conspired against Jesus their King

O    Chapter 1.1: The Son of God became the faultless Lamb of God (Psalm 40)

O    Chapter 1.2: Jesus was tempted by Satan and found faultless (Psalm 91)

C    Chapter 1.3: The enemies of Jesus slandered him and plotted to take away his life (Psalm 31)

C    Chapter 1.4: The enemies of Jesus persecuted and reproached him (Psalm 69)

U    Chapter 1.5: Jesus triumphantly entered into Jerusalem (Psalm 118)

C    Part 2: Judas conspired with the chief priests to betray Jesus their King

O    Chapter 2.1: Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus his friend and went down into Hell (Psalm 55)

O    Chapter 2.2: Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus his Master and lost his Apostleship (Psalm 109)

C    Chapter 2.3: False witnesses accused Jesus of blasphemy (Psalm 35)

C    Chapter 2.4: The chief priests slandered Jesus as he hung on the Cross (Psalm 22)

U    Chapter 2.5: The chief priests and Judas Iscariot conspired against Jesus (Psalm 41)

U    Book 3.5: Jesus shall rule the New Covenant Kingdom of Zion when He returns in glory

C    Part 1: The Lord Jehovah is coming to judge the world and the people with righteousness

U    Chapter 1.1: Jehovah reigns in Zion (Psalm 99)

C    Chapter 1.2: Jehovah reigns with great power (Psalm 97)

C    Chapter 1.3: Jehovah reigns from all Eternity (Psalm 93)

O    Chapter 1.4: Fear the coming of Jehovah God to judge the world (Psalm 96)

O    Chapter 1.5: Celebrate the coming of Jehovah God to judge the earth (Psalm 98)

C    Part 2: The Lord Jesus Christ will rule the world as the King of Zion

U    Chapter 2.1: The King of Zion will marry his Gentile Bride (Psalm 45)

C    Chapter 2.2: Jehovah has set his King on his holy hill of Zion (Psalm 2)

C    Chapter 2.3: Jehovah has set a crown of pure gold on the King (Psalm 21)

O    Chapter 2.4: The Lord Jesus Christ shall strike through kings in the day of his wrath (Psalm 110)

O    Chapter 2.5: All nations shall serve the Lord Jesus Christ in the Millennial Kingdom of Zion (Psalm 72)